Do you really know Prof. Dom?

What are Suffolk students saying about Prof. Dom?

Today our sub was a vibrant and quite funny guy.

Being Sicilian as well made me relate more to his humor and body language.

He was adamant on keeping a stress free mind and body in order to be successful.

He stated that he was on Wall Street for 30 years and avoided lawsuits by using stress free techniques relating to Martial Arts and other Asian rituals.

He was very persistent and stressed the importance of maintaining “An Empty Cup” to allow the flow of new ideas as an entrepreneur. 

He said he did 30 years on Wall Street and then was able to become a teacher and start fresh by keeping his cup empty… Interesting guy, was excited and kept us engaged. 


-Marco Enrico Libani


Domenic gave us a great presentation! 

He definitely left a lasting impression on the class. He was very personable, and the class participation aspect kept everyone intrigued. One thing I learned from our class time with him was to “Always Keep Your Cup Empty.”

He explained to us that keeping our cup empty meant that we could open our mind and our lives to new ideas and be as creative and innovative as possible. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of it, however, he demonstrated stress relieving techniques that I will definitely begin to apply in my everyday life.  

He taught us to constantly reflect back on our actions and feelings and that Today and Every day Is Our Best Day! 

All in all, great presentation.

I also volunteered to be a part of his mini-series on education stress relieving tactics! 


-Arianna Sanfilippo



Today we learned…


  • Relaxation techniques 
  • Remember about the hat / name 
  • Creativity / Innovative
  • We never stop educating 
  • I learned to keep my cup empty
  • Remember Today and Everyday are Your Best Day 
  • Formulate your plan A not B or Z
  • Build real lasting relationships within your global network 
  • Tai chi techniques 
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Stay in the game, in motion, well equipped & on the playing field. 
  • Delineate and define your strategy
  • Adaptability and Innovation will create Stability.

In today’s class, I learned that being creative and innovative in small details would always help people to remember who you are. When he mentioned that, I realized that what he was saying was true.I will never forget the professor who came in class with his tai chi relaxation techniques and the weird hat!


-Juan Camilo Ucros